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dbldbl's Journal

Double Double, Animal Style
A CalTrans billboard says to *slow down in the cone zone*

I find it applicable in all areas of life...

...and I used it here b/c I think typing "under construction" to describe my work-in-progress is so 1998.

I'm 29. Filipino. Big. Kind of a juxtaposition, eh? What you say? Can someone who's 5'8" be all big bone-ded and have a big ol' belly? *raises hand*

A-yup, and A-yup.

Gay much? Yes. Big Gay Filipino guys really do exist. I credit Nintendo 8-bit Entertainment System and Sega Genesis with the Sega CD attached as mighty big helpers to get me where I'm at. 350-ish pounds. Big. Large. Loud. Proud.

**as of 04/27/03, I turned 30. I'm ooolllddd. wah.

**as of 04/27/04, another year closer to retirement! yeehaw! am 31.

**how did i miss 04/27/05? yeah, it wasn't too exciting (birthday, that was). 32.

*04/27/06... I'm 1/3s years done! 33.

*04/27/07 i'm doin the math, and it's 34. whee!

04/27/08 I'm 35. Old enough to run as president of the USA (it's the minimum age requirement!)